Employment & Vocational Services

Individuals are assisted in seeking employment and maintaining integrated employment in competitive community settings. Includes individually tailored and preference based job development, training, and support to recognize each person’s employability and potential contributions to the labor market. It is assumed that funding from Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) will be accessed for Initial Assessment and Job Development Services before other long-term care funding would be accessed. It is assumed that every effort will be made to fade job coaching to the least amount needed to ensure the supported employee is successful, and also fully integrated at his/her place of employment.

Benefits Analysis

Benefits Analysis, Work Incentives Benefits Planning and Work Incentives Benefits Planning Follow-up are a set of services intended to assist persons with disabilities, who receive Social Security disability benefits and other public benefits, in negotiating benefit, entitlement, and economic assistance programs with issues relating to work and earnings.

Job Development and Placement

Job Development and Placement is the process of assisting individuals in finding a community based job that matches their skills and interests. Activities included in this process may include: - Assessment processes to determine job readiness, job interests, and job skills. - Assistance with resume development. - Contacting employers regarding potential jobs. - Interview preparation and support. - Initial on-the-job training support when hired.

Job Coaching

This service includes supporting individuals at their place of work to be successful at their job, and to become increasingly independent in their job duties and integrated into their work setting.