Community Living Services

Headwaters provides flexible, customized Community Living Services to a number of individuals who live in their own apartments in the community, but also need support in those apartments in order to be successful. The specific types of support provided for each person can vary in scope and frequency, and can include anything from drop in support several times a week to ongoing support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Headwaters’ Community Living Services are based on the concept of Community Supported Living, which is a flexible partnership between any person needing support to live in their own home and an entity (such as Headwaters) providing individualized assistance.

Community Supported Living

  • Recognizes interdependence and community participation are part of everyone’s life;
  • Respects and honors informed decision making of people, and supports people to build and sustain relationships;
  • Supports informed decision making and risk taking while always endeavoring to ensure safety and security, recognizing that all people have the right to make mistakes;
  • Can be customized to support people at any level of need for assistance.

Community Supported Living includes whatever is necessary to support the life of one’s choosing. For example, Community Supported Living may:

  • Assist in finding a home that meets the individuals’ needs;
  • Assist in managing living in one’s own home;
  • Help develop community involvement and relationships that promote full citizenship;
  • Coordinate education and assistance related to finances, healthcare, and other needs;
  • Assist with day to day planning and problem solving;
  • Train and support people who assist the individual;
  • Flexibly responds to the needs of an individual, including emergency situations.