OFFICE HOURS (Rhinelander)

8:15 - 4:15 Monday through Thursday


9:00 – 1:00 Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the month

We accept check or cash for shredding

Our Mission

We believe all people deserve the right to achieve their fullest potential. Therefore, we exist for the purpose of providing individualized services that are designed to maximize each person’s daily living and vocational skills in order to be integrated into the community to the fullest extent possible.

Each person referred for Headwaters Services will participate in a person-centered planning process that will include family and friends of the person so the information gathered will provide a more complete picture of the person. The information will be condensed into a person-centered profile and plan that will guide all of the activities we do with the person going forward. The profile and plan become living documents that will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the learning and progress of the person being served.

Our Board of Directors

The following are the current members on the Board of Directors for Headwaters, Inc. and The Headwaters Foundation, Inc.

Headwaters inc. board directors

  • Stefanie Edwards, Director
  • Tom Jordens, Director
  • Benjamin Opsal, President
  • Bluette Puchner, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Alan Rock, Director
  • Gail Strid, Vice President
  • Gary Valley, Director

Headwaters Foundation Board  Directors

  • Steven Agnoli, President
  • Michael Carlson, Vice President
  • Barbara Newman, Secretary Treasurer
  • Benjamin Opsal, Director
  • Maureen Parkes, Director
  • Alan Rock, Director

Our Partners

Catholic Charities BUREAU, Inc.


Since 1917 the Catholic Charities Bureau has been providing services to the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the elderly and children with special needs as an expression of the social ministry of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Superior. With more than 50 programs serving more than 10,500 people, Catholic Charities Bureau provides comprehensive health and human services for those in need regardless of race, color, national origin or religion. It is the mission of Catholic Charities: Under the pastoral leadership of our Diocesan Bishop, to carry on the redeeming work of our Lord by reflecting gospel values and the moral teachings of the church. To meet the critical needs and issues of our society through the use of our gifts and resources, by mobilizing the Christian community in partnership with private and public enterprise. To collaborate with all people of goodwill to alleviate human suffering, by sponsoring direct service programs for the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the elderly, and children with special needs. To create an environment of human dignity based on mutual respect, understanding, and trust. We profess the dignity of each person as a creation of God. This truth becomes the foundation of our great respect and love of each individual. To translate our mission and vision into goals, commitments, and action.

Other Partners