Since 2016, Headwaters has provided a variety of services throughout Ashland and Bayfield Counties.
These services include:

Community Integrated Employment

We assist individuals in seeking employment and maintaining integrated employment in competitive community settings. This includes providing individually tailored and preference-based job development, training, and support to recognize each person’s employability and potential contributions to the labor market. Headwaters is also a contracted vendor with the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide a variety of services.

Community Based Day Services

Headwaters, Inc. Community-Based Day Services supports people in a wide range of meaningful opportunities to address individual needs, goals, and interests. These services are designed to maximize a person’s ability to manage everyday life activities in their community. Through this program individuals grow to become more active members of their communities, and they gain skills to help them find or keep employment. Our Community Based Day Services help with:

Skill and Independence Building

  • Personal Hygiene and Health Skills
  • Safety Skills and Travel Training
  • Daily and Independent Living Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
Community Connecting

Headwaters, Inc. strives to help the people we support to become as connected to their community as possible. We also want the people we support to be valued members of their community. To achieve this goal, we assist people in finding:

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Social Clubs and Groups
  • Relationships with Others Who Have Similar Interests

For more information, please contact our Ashland Office at (715) 292-6618 or visit us at our office location: 803 Lakeshore Drive West, Ashland, WI 54806

Headwaters, Inc. operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, sex, age, religion, income status or limited English proficiency (LEP) in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and related nondiscrimination authorities. Any person who believes they’ve been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice may file a complaint with Headwaters, Inc.

For more information on Headwaters, Inc’s civil rights program, and the procedures to file a complaint, call 715-369-1337 or email [email protected]