Day Services

Day Services are designed to maximize a person’s ability to manage everyday life activities in their community. People become involved in a wide range of opportunities planned by and for them to address individual needs, goals and interests. Through life skills coaching and personal connections, individuals grow to become more active members of their community.

Community Based Day Services

Headwaters has been a part of the statewide Building Full Lives Project in partnership with The WI Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and providers all around the state. As a part of this work, Headwaters has been developing a new small group Community Based Day Services (CBDS) model that will replace facility based day services for most (and eventually all) of the individuals we serve. We've been providing individualized Community Based Day Services in our Ashland service area for some time, and we’ve recently expanded our CBDS program to include small group services in our Rhinelander service area. Our CBDS meet the requirements of the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Rule and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) by ensuring members have full access to the benefits of community living. In addition, Headwaters’ CBDS provide individualized supports and services for:

  • Generating interest in and familiarity with being in the community, rather than in a facility-based program, through supported exposure and engagement
  • Targeted skill development
  • Meaningful community involvement and contribution
  • Safely considering employment through exposure and exploration in the community

Once individuals are employed in the community, this service can also provide them with opportunities to continue to learn and grow by building skills necessary to maintain healthy lives and be involved in their communities. These CBDS services are aimed at supporting people to reach the highest level of independence, and, where possible reduce or eliminate the need for paid supports to engage in personally meaningful community activities.

Headwaters’ CBDS involve the provision of regularly scheduled activities in the community to help people acquire, retain, or improve self-help, socialization and adaptive skills that enhance social development and develop skills in performing activities of daily living and full community citizenship. Activities and environments are designed to foster the acquisition of more generalized skills, building positive social behavior and interpersonal competence, greater independence and personal choice. They focus on enabling the person to attain or maintain his or her maximum potential. This service line is generally used to meet people’s “ongoing” service needs and/or used as a meaningful day “wrap around” for parts of the day or week for individuals who are employed in the community.