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Day Services

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Our Services

Confidential Shredding - WE PROVIDE... Complete Confidentiality - Cross-cut shredding for added security - Mobile lockable containers - Document Tracking through complete process - Fully Bonded and Insured - Certificate of Destruction with each invoice.
Direct Mailing - Our full-service mailing business provides speed, reliability and accuracy to meet your mailing requirements. We have trained personnel using state-of-the-art equipment and computer programs to process your mailing from start to finish. From personalizing your date and printing, folding, inserting, metered first class, and standard rate mailing, "WE DO IT ALL."
Building and Lawn Maintenance - WE PROVIDE... Dependable and Motivated workers to maintain buildings and lawns through contracts with area businesses and communities.
Packaging and Assembly - WE OFFER... Reliability, Confidentiality, Competitive Rates, Deliveries on Schedule. YOUR COMPANY BENEFITS THROUGH... Additional labor without increased payroll costs, bookkeeping and fringe benefit costs. Knowledge of exact job cost. Relief from production bottlenecks. Product quality is guaranteed. THE COMMUNITY BENEFITS THROUGH... Increased employment for the disabled. Reductions of rehabilitation costs through profits. Additional productive workers. THE DISABLED BENEFIT THROUGH... Opportunities to move toward independence. Valuable training and work experience. Improvement of self-confidence and self-respect.
Digital Scanning/Document Imaging - We now offer digital scanning or document imaging. This service converts paper documents to a digital format including .jpeg (usually for pictures) and .pdf (Adobe Reader compatible). Other format options are available. A wide range of files can be scanned and archived for future reference: Historical, Customer Records, Legal Documents, Association Records, and Education Records. The options are endless and can be customized to your need.
Our Partners: - Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies - Trueflight, Inc. - RFW - Rehab for Wisconsin - Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections - Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation - Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources - City of Rhinelander

Our Programs

Head Start is a federal program that provides comprehensive services to enrolled children and their families that include health, nutrition, social and other services determined to be necessary by family needs assessments.
Our program promotes school readiness for children ages birth to five. The programs provide a learning environment that supports children's growth in the following domains:
---Language and Literacy
---Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development
---Physical Development and Health
---Approaches to learning
Our services provide weekly home visits and bi-weekly socialization activities for families from pregnancy through age 5.

To provide quality programming for children and families that promotes school readiness, develops leadership and advances economic self-sufficiency.
Head Start emphasizes the role of parents as their child's first and most important teacher.

Families with children ages birth to five that meet the Federal low-income guidelines. No child shall be discriminated against because of race, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, color, handicap or disability.

It is never too early to start a bright future for you and your family. Our program provides comprehensive prenatal and post-birth education; parenting preparation; education and support for infants and toddlers; preparation for preschool and so much more. We promote healthy lifestyles and parent involvement in program planning.

HEADWATERS, INC. is a partner with Family & Child Learning Centers (FCLC) of Northeast Wisconsin, Inc.
COMMUNITY LIVING - Headwaters provides flexible, customized Community Living Services to a number of individuals who live in their own apartments in the community, but also need support in those apartments in order to be successful. The specific types of support provided for each person can vary in scope and frequency, and can include anything from drop in support several times a week to ongoing support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Headwaters’ Community Living Services are based on the concept of Community Supported Living, which is a flexible partnership between any person needing support to live in their own home and an entity (such as Headwaters) providing individualized assistance.

Community Supported Living:

• Recognizes interdependence and community participation are part of everyone’s life;
• Respects and honors informed decision making of people, and supports people to build and sustain relationships;
• Supports informed decision making and risk taking while always endeavoring to ensure safety and security, recognizing that all people have the right to make mistakes;
• Can be customized to support people at any level of need for assistance.

Community Supported Living includes whatever is necessary to support the life of one’s choosing. For example, Community Supported Living may:

• Assist in finding a home that meets the individuals’ needs;
• Assist in managing living in one’s own home;
• Help develop community involvement and relationships that promote full citizenship;
• Coordinate education and assistance related to finances, healthcare, and other needs;
• Assist with day to day planning and problem solving;
• Train and support people who assist the individual;
• Flexibly responds to the needs of an individual, including emergency situations.
DAY SERVICES - This program is designed to maximize an individual’s independent functioning in self-care, emotional growth, socialization, communication, and education in a non-residential setting. There is also a focus on community integration for participants to be involved in activities in the community on a regular basis. Included in the Day Services Program:

- Community Integration
- Life Skills/Independent Living
- Social, Emotional, and Personal Development
- Communication
- Sensory Stimulation Program

The Day Services Program provides support and training in practical activities such as: clothing care, personal grooming, shopping, socialization, community access, home maintenance, food preparation, academics, computer use, life safety, and daily living skills.

TRANSITION SERVICES - The Youth in Transition Program at Headwaters partners with school staff, human services case managers, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist youth in transition to develop work and life skills, with the ultimate goal of improving post school outcomes.

There is specific focus on skill development that will improve a student's ability to obtain and maintain a job in the community, or to pursue post secondary education goals. This includes skill development in the areas of employability and soft skills, self-advocacy and decision making, and life skills.

Services also include in-depth assessment and discovery to determine possible career paths based on the students’ strengths and preferences. This may include job shadowing and work experiences, and internships to support students in exploring their career interests.

Through Headwaters' Transition Services, students will also participate in regular community experiences to help identify community settings for community-based activities that align with the students' interests.

In addition, Headwaters is a partner in the Jump!Start Program, along with Nicolet College and local school districts, to develop and provide transitional post-secondary education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities. These opportunities include classes at Nicolet College or at other community locations.


WORK SERVICES - This program provides a variety of jobs on our production floor that will develop the necessary work skills for competitive employment. Jobs include shredding, packaging, assembly, collating/mailing, quality control and janitorial. This program gives participants an opportunity to earn a paycheck while developing work skills that showcase their talents and abilities.


COMMUNITY CONTRACTS - This program provides work experience in the community in a group setting. This experience could include building and lawn maintenance, cleaning and working in our Rest Area Maintenance program.

COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES - Individuals are assisted in seeking employment and maintaining integrated employment in competitive community settings. Includes individually tailored and preference based job development, training, and support to recognize each person’s employability and potential contributions to the labor market. It is assumed that funding from Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) will be accessed for Initial Assessment and Job Development Services before other long-term care funding would be accessed. It is assumed that every effort will be made to fade job coaching to the least amount needed to ensure the supported employee is successful, and also fully integrated at his/her place of employment.

BENEFITS ANALYSIS - Benefits Analysis, Work Incentives Benefits Planning and Work Incentives Benefits Planning Follow-up are a set of services intended to assist persons with disabilities, who receive Social Security disability benefits and other public benefits, in negotiating benefit, entitlement, and economic assistance programs with issues relating to work and earnings.


JOB DEVELOPMENT AND PLACEMENT - Job Development and Placement is the process of assisting individuals in finding a community based job that matches their skills and interests. Activities included in this process may include: - Assessment processes to determine job readiness, job interests, and job skills. - Assistance with resume development. - Contacting employers regarding potential jobs. - Interview preparation and support. - Initial on-the-job training support when hired.


JOB COACHING - This service includes supporting individuals at their place of work to be successful at their job, and to become increasingly independent in their job duties and integrated into their work setting.


DVR - We work with the Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation providing job experience and job coaching to find and maintain a community job.


- Al’s Furniture
- Bad Bones BBQ
- CCL Gardens
- Coffee Beans
- Corner of the Woods
- Dan’s Dog eared books
- Dandy Dog
- Days Inn Claridge
- Detail Pro’s
- East Side Auto
- Foster and Smith
- Golden Harvest
- Goodwill
- Kleenmark
- National Guard Armory
- Nicolet College
- Northland Music Center
- Oneida Village Inn
- Paws –N-Claws
- Phillip’s Café
- Rhinelander District Library
- Rhinelander Ice Arena
- Rusty Nail
- Snow River Products
- Sportsman’s Café
- St. Augustine’s Church
- Stifel Nicolaus
- Thunder lake Cranberry Marsh
- Trig’s
- Trig’s Smokehouse
- Tula’s
- Wal-Mart
- Wayne Nasi Construction
- Western Connection

And in the Florence and Marinette County Area:
- Appearance Plus
- Florence Library
- Goodman High School
- Marcoulliers
- Marinette Marine
- Maryhill Manor
- NWTC/ Job Center
- Pembine Food Depot
- Pembine/Dunbar/Beecher High School
- Precision Lumber
- Town of Armstrong Creek

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES - We provide transportation on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, from Forest, Oneida and Vilas counties to our Rhinelander location.



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