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COMMUNITY LIVING - Headwaters provides flexible, customized Community Living Services to a number of individuals who live in their own apartments in the community, but also need support in those apartments in order to be successful. The specific types of support provided for each person can vary in scope and frequency, and can include anything from drop in support several times a week to ongoing support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Headwaters’ Community Living Services are based on the concept of Community Supported Living, which is a flexible partnership between any person needing support to live in their own home and an entity (such as Headwaters) providing individualized assistance.

Community Supported Living:

• Recognizes interdependence and community participation are part of everyone’s life;
• Respects and honors informed decision making of people, and supports people to build and sustain relationships;
• Supports informed decision making and risk taking while always endeavoring to ensure safety and security, recognizing that all people have the right to make mistakes;
• Can be customized to support people at any level of need for assistance.

Community Supported Living includes whatever is necessary to support the life of one’s choosing. For example, Community Supported Living may:

• Assist in finding a home that meets the individuals’ needs;
• Assist in managing living in one’s own home;
• Help develop community involvement and relationships that promote full citizenship;
• Coordinate education and assistance related to finances, healthcare, and other needs;
• Assist with day to day planning and problem solving;
• Train and support people who assist the individual;
• Flexibly responds to the needs of an individual, including emergency situations.
CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES - Early Head Start–Home Visiting is a comprehensive, two-generation federal initiative aimed at enhancing the development of infants and toddlers while strengthening families. The program is founded on nine principles: (1) high-quality services; (2) activities that promote healthy development and identify atypical development at the earliest stage possible; (3) positive relationships and continuity, with an emphasis on the role of the parent as the child’s first, and most important, relationship; (4) activities that offer parents a meaningful and strategic role in the program’s vision, services, and governance; (5) inclusion strategies that respect the unique developmental trajectories of young children in the context of a typical setting, including children with disabilities; (6) cultural competence that acknowledges the profound role that culture plays in early development; (7) comprehensiveness, flexibility, and responsiveness of services that allow children and families to move across various program options over time as their life situation demands; (8) transition planning; and (9) collaboration with community partnerships that allow programs to expand their services.

Target Population

Early Head Start–Home Visiting targets low-income pregnant women and families with children birth to age 3 years. To be eligible for Early Head Start–Home Visiting, most families must be at or below the federal poverty level. Early Head Start–Home Visiting programs must make at least 10 percent of their enrollment opportunities available to children with disabilities who are eligible for Part C services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in their state. Each individual Early Head Start–Home Visiting project is allowed to develop specific program eligibility criteria, aligned with the program’s performance standards.

Targeted Outcomes

Early Head Start–Home Visiting aims to (1) promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, (2) enhance the development of very young children, and (3) promote healthy family functioning.
DAY SERVICES - DAY SERVICES - are designed to maximize a person’s ability to manage everyday life activities in their community. People become involved in a wide range of opportunities planned by and for them to address individual needs, goals and interests. Through life skills coaching and personal connections, individuals grow to become more active members of their community.


Headwaters has been a part of the statewide Building Full Lives Project in partnership with The WI Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and providers all around the state. As a part of this work, Headwaters has been developing a new small group Community Based Day Services (CBDS) model that will replace facility based day services for most (and eventually all) of the individuals we serve. We've been providing individualized Community Based Day Services in our Ashland service area for some time, and we’ve recently expanded our CBDS program to include small group services in our Rhinelander service area. Our CBDS meet the requirements of the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Rule and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) by ensuring members have full access to the benefits of community living. In addition, Headwaters’ CBDS provide individualized supports and services for:
• Generating interest in and familiarity with being in the community, rather than in a facility-based program, through supported exposure and engagement
• Targeted skill development
• Meaningful community involvement and contribution
• Safely considering employment through exposure and exploration in the community

Once individuals are employed in the community, this service can also provide them with opportunities to continue to learn and grow by building skills necessary to maintain healthy lives and be involved in their communities. These CBDS services are aimed at supporting people to reach the highest level of independence, and, where possible reduce or eliminate the need for paid supports to engage in personally meaningful community activities.

Headwaters’ CBDS involve the provision of regularly scheduled activities in the community to help people acquire, retain, or improve self-help, socialization and adaptive skills that enhance social development and develop skills in performing activities of daily living and full community citizenship. Activities and environments are designed to foster the acquisition of more generalized skills, building positive social behavior and interpersonal competence, greater independence and personal choice. They focus on enabling the person to attain or maintain his or her maximum potential. This service line is generally used to meet people’s “ongoing” service needs and/or used as a meaningful day “wrap around” for parts of the day or week for individuals who are employed in the community.
TRANSITION SERVICES - The Youth in Transition Program at Headwaters partners with school staff, case managers, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist youth in transition to develop work and life skills, with the ultimate goal of improving post school outcomes.

There is specific focus on skill development that will improve a student's ability to obtain and maintain a job in the community, or to pursue post secondary education goals. This includes skill development in the areas of employability and soft skills, self-advocacy and decision making, and life skills.

Services also include in-depth assessment and discovery to determine possible career paths based on the students’ strengths and preferences. This may include job shadowing and work experiences, and internships to support students in exploring their career interests.

Through Headwaters' Transition Services, students will also participate in regular community experiences to help identify community settings for community-based activities that align with the students' interests.

Headwaters partners with the WI Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Howard Young Medical Center, Lakeland Union High School, and other area high schools on a Project SEARCH site located at the Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff, WI. Project SEARCH is a business led collaboration that enables young adults with disabilities to gain and maintain employment through training and career exploration. A 9-12 month program, Project SEARCH provides total immersion in a large community business. Students with disabilities are offered a workforce alternative for their last year of high school. All participants must be eligible for services with the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). At some sites, young adults who have completed high school may be eligible to participate in Project SEARCH. In addition, Headwaters is a partner in the Jump!Start Program, along with Nicolet College and local school districts, to develop and provide transitional post-secondary education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities. These opportunities include classes at Nicolet College or at other community locations.

VOCATIONAL SERVICES - PRE-VOCATIONAL TRAINING – including training in the development of soft skills and other work skills that lead to successful competitive employment in the community.
- Work Services – provides a variety of jobs on our production floor that will develop the necessary work skills for competitive employment. Jobs include shredding, packaging, assembly, collating/mailing, quality control and janitorial.
- Community Contracts – provide work experiences in the community in a group setting. This experience could include building and lawn maintenance, cleaning and janitorial, and working in our Rest Area Maintenance program.

WORK SERVICES - These services provide a variety of jobs on our production floor that will develop the necessary work skills for competitive employment. Jobs include shredding, packaging, assembly, collating/mailing, quality control and janitorial.


COMMUNITY CONTRACTS - This program provides work experiences in the community in a group setting. This experience could include building and lawn maintenance, cleaning and janitorial, and working in our Rest Area Maintenance program.

COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES - Individuals are assisted in seeking employment and maintaining integrated employment in competitive community settings. Includes individually tailored and preference based job development, training, and support to recognize each person’s employability and potential contributions to the labor market. It is assumed that funding from Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) will be accessed for Initial Assessment and Job Development Services before other long-term care funding would be accessed. It is assumed that every effort will be made to fade job coaching to the least amount needed to ensure the supported employee is successful, and also fully integrated at his/her place of employment.

BENEFITS ANALYSIS - Benefits Analysis, Work Incentives Benefits Planning and Work Incentives Benefits Planning Follow-up are a set of services intended to assist persons with disabilities, who receive Social Security disability benefits and other public benefits, in negotiating benefit, entitlement, and economic assistance programs with issues relating to work and earnings.


JOB DEVELOPMENT AND PLACEMENT - Job Development and Placement is the process of assisting individuals in finding a community based job that matches their skills and interests. Activities included in this process may include: - Assessment processes to determine job readiness, job interests, and job skills. - Assistance with resume development. - Contacting employers regarding potential jobs. - Interview preparation and support. - Initial on-the-job training support when hired.


JOB COACHING - This service includes supporting individuals at their place of work to be successful at their job, and to become increasingly independent in their job duties and integrated into their work setting.


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